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Boston Photographer ~ Women’s March New York City 2018

Over a million citizens from around the world – both women and men – took to the streets on January 20th for the Women’s March of 2018. I was unable to photograph the march in Boston in 2017 due to a recent surgery so was eager to get out there and capture this historic day in NYC this year. It was a beautiful day indeed. I started my morning in the Bronx taking the 1 line down to the Upper West Side at 79th St. Before the train even arrived, I had meet a lovely group of protesters who immediately gave me one of their hand knit pink hats to wear for the day. (Thank you, Barb!) Once on the train I sat next to another interesting woman who was on her way to meet up with her friend and we talked about what the day meant while noting our similar backgrounds. I bid her farewell and headed up Columbus to enter the march at 71st. Here I met yet another friendly woman who was pushing her one year old son in his stroller. Her name was Abby and she had marched last year when he was only seven weeks old and she was recovering from the delivery by C-Section. She was planning to meet up at Columbus Circle with her husband and five year old son and told me about their march last year as a family together. Her oldest son this year had requested a black hat which she had knit the night before and was wearing as she then explained she was Muslim and had just applied for her Canadian citizenship where her Mom was from as a “backup plan.” As we walked up 71st, I lost Abby in the crowd focused primarily on documenting the day as the sea of endless signs and pink hats began to tighten and we came to a stop just before Central Park West.  Everyone waited patiently over the next hour as people chatted with the stranger next to them and sporadic chanting burst out: “Tell me what democracy looks like! THIS is what democracy looks like!”  The hour passed quickly and the police barricades were finally moved so we could round the corner and continue down to 6th Ave. Shout out to the NYPD who skillfully managed the flow and crowds perfectly. I was able to weave in and out along Central Park West and ventured off the main street down into the park where more people marched, walked and rested. The official end was just after the Fox News building at 43rd St and protesters where still coming down The Avenue of the Americas at 3:30PM as I wearily headed over to Grand Central to head back home. It was an exhausting but exhilarating day. The creative protest signs are always memorable but so too are the people that you meet and the smiles you exchange with your fellow human beings along the way. Here’s a few highlights from my view of the day.

Women protestors on the Metro Platform BronxProtestors marching down NYC streetMake America Love Again Sign NYCRetired Navy Officer at Women's MarchWomen in Pink Hat at NYC MarchRainbow sign of love at MarchWe Cannot Stay Silent Sign at Women's MarchProtestors marching down NYC streetCollege girls with signs at Women's MarchMan yelling for democracy at NYC Women's MarchWomen holding up resistance sign on 71st St NYCThink Peace sign on back of manLittle girl waving LGBT rainbow flagProtestors marching down NYC streetProtestors marching down NYC streetWoman with pink hat and sign Women's MarchProtestors marching down NYC streetThank you BW of Alabama sign NYCGirl Power signs at Women's March NYCMan with You Thought Bush Was In Idiot sticker on headButtons for sale at Women's MarchProtestors marching down NYC streetMan with TO DO List protest sign at Women's MarchMan with Pink Hat holding protest sign NYCYoung girl on Dad's Shoulders Respect for All signProtestors marching down NYC streetLittle girl in stroller with Hear Me Roar signThe Future is Nasty sign at Women's MarchGirls yelling at Women's MarchHate has no room here sign by little girlBlue Wave 2018 Sign at Central ParkCrowds of people protesting through Central ParkTwo young girls with signs at Women's March NYCLittle dog with IMPEACH sign onShithole Trump sign in front of Trump HotelWomen's March down Central Park WestWoman dancing and waving to protesters Central ParkWomen with Equality knit on her coatYoung girl on Dad shoulders at protestWoman yelling chants at Women's March NYCDump Trump sign in front of Trump ParcWomen giving finger to Trump Parc buildingPink hats and signs at Women't MarchWoman with Me Too Boxing Gloves angry faceWomen's March along 6th Ave NYCPaper Mache Donald Trump Mask at March NYCWomen's March by Fox News NYCDog at Women's March in Pink BootiesMarch down 6th Ave in NYC

The handful Pro Trump Supporters at Columbus Circle

One Trump supporter at NYC MarchResisters next to two Trump Supporters with signs

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Timeline 1/23/18

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