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Boston Senior Photographer ~ Ava from Governor’s Academy

Love mixing up the locations for shoots and trying something new. When Ava, her Mom and I consulted, we agreed that an urban setting would be ideal so Boston was the obvious location. After talking about all the options the city offers – Boston Common, Beacon Hill, Chinatown, etc. – we decided on the Seaport. If you are from Boston, you know that this area has undergone a complete transformation in the last decade. I remember going to the ICA with very limited dining options and free street parking. Those days are long gone and now the area offers not only an array of restaurants, bars and sights but also the perfect backdrop for portrait sessions with city vibes and Harbor views. It’s now high on my list of locations not only for our Senior Sessions but for my Creative/Branding Head Shot Sessions too!

Tip: When choosing a location for any portrait session, you want to choose one with a variety of options in a small radius. You don’t want to waste time moving far from one location to the next. Select a place with many backdrops and ideally a place with wide landscape views as well. As you can see in these highlights here, the Seaport offers it all – we started at the ICA and walked only 1,000 feet along the Harbor to find all these options. We’ve been back three more times since and continue to find new places to shoot as it really is a dream urban location.

Her new 16X24 Metal Wall Art piece in the works! <3

Portrait of girl on wall

Some #BTS with Alex on the assist

@Kiki Larouge Photography. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Timeline 9/22/20

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