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A South End Stroll ~ Boston Pet Portrait Photography

Nikki & Sam are South Enders. You can’t walk a block along the cobblestoned streets with them without a familiar “Hello” from another resident or business owner. And Sam’s got his daily routine down – take a right out of the apartment door in the AM for his morning business and a left for his evening walk. I was so looking forward to photographing them right in their neighborhood where they spend their days and we finally got our schedules in synch and got a session done this past August (yes, I am a bit behind in Blog postings.) So many great shots. Sam is probably the most chill dog I’ve worked with. So sweet and well behaved. We ended the shoot with the two sitting on their stoop on a warm summer’s evening with a glass of wine which is where you will find them most nights if the weather is good.

There’s something very special about the bond one has with their dog. %100 unconditional love on both sides. What a pleasure it was to capture this for them.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”  ~ Josh Billings

Small World Sidenote: Just recently we made the connection and realized those fabulous bikes we used in the backdrop for some images happen to belong to my friends, Jeannie & Alecia, who live right around the corner. Serendipity strikes again!

And for a fabulous breakfast or lunch be sure to check out Nikki’s quaint and highly regarded South End eatery: Blunch. It’s located at 59 East Springfield Street right across from Boston Medical Center.

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