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London Family Portrait Sesson ~ KLP on the Road

KLP made the leap over the pond for what we hope to be yearly Spring Sessions in London. Here’s some highlights from our first of three sessions we shot while in town. Started in West Hampstead (where the family lives) and hopped on the Tube down to Westminster for some classic London shots before heading back up to Regent’s Park for some extended family photos. This all on the day of the Royal Wedding. What a memorable time on all counts!

Sister in front of a London Tube signSisters with arms around each other London bridge with EyeMom with two daughters at Westminster BridgeSisters hugging on steps in Central LondonTwo young girls popping out of London Red Phone BoothsFamily Portrait at Westminster AbbeySisters at Westminster AbbeySisters at Westminster AbbeySisters at Westminster AbbeyPortrait of a girl with green eyesYoung girl blonde hair laughing at parkCousins in flowers at Regent's ParkTwo girls playing in park with their DadTwo girls playing in park with their DadFamily Portrait sitting in London ParkFamily Portrait sitting in London ParkCousins laughing in deck chair in London ParkSister holding hands walking away Central London scene

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Summer 2018: NYC + Cape Cod • Fall 2018: Seattle + Iceland

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Timeline 6/12/18

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