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Newburyport Family Portrait Photographer ~ The Johnston Family

What a treat to finally be able photograph the Johnston family. They got their KLP Gift Certificate last Spring for a photo shoot with Flinn as a baby. I’m so glad we finally coordinated and were able capture her at this time as an adorable little toddler (before her Senior Portraits are due!) and together as a family. I absolutely LOVE photographing toddlers. It’s never predictable. They go where they want. They may have a little melt down or two along the way. And they most certainly aren’t going to pose they way you want them too. And that’s the fun of it. Just seeing what they give you. And this little blonde beauty. She definitely rocked it. I also love that they chose to just wander in downtown Newburyport too. I am so lucky to have a studio in this photogenic little seaside town and it was a delight to have it as backdrop for this session. Enjoy these highlights!

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Timeline 9/22/15

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