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Newburyport Photographer ~ Annie from NHS at Plum Island

We love when clients bring their dog/s on their Photo Shoots. Here are a few tips if you are thinking of booking a session and would like to bring yours along too (always highly encouraged!)

1) Make sure the location allows dogs when you are thinking of shooting. Some beaches have seasonal restrictions (like Lynch Park) and others don’t allow them at all (Sandy Point.) A perfect North Shore location year round is always Plum Island Point where we recently photographed Annie who is a rising Senior at Newburyport High.

2) If thinking about having the dog/s on the session feels a bit overwhelming, consider having a family member or friend who won’t be in all the photos to be your dog handler and maybe even bring them for only part of the session. At this shoot, Annie and her Mom came for the first half and then Dad showed up for the latter half which meant not only photos with the pups but her parents too.

3) For high energy dogs sending them to day care or giving them a good run the day before and of the session can be helpful too.

4) If you have a nervous or reactive dog, try CBD calming chews – I love the ones from Charlotte’s Web. We go over all this and more during our Complimentary Virtual Consults but this is a good start.

Two 16×24 Canvas Wraps and Signature Senior Album in the works!

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Timeline 8/28/22

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