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Newburyport Photographer ~ Happy Holi Celebrations in Nepal

One of my favorite festivals is upon us – Holi! Experiencing and photographing this colorful celebration in Nepal was on of the highlights of my three month trip in 2010 to Nepal to work with the non-profit Maiti Nepal. These images were shot in Nepalganj at one of their many transit houses along the border of India where they stop kidnapped women and children every day from being sold into slavery. Maiti and its fearless founder, Anuradha Koirala, are dedicated to eradicating the world of Human Trafficking. I have been a foot soldier in this fight since 2009 and continue to do all I can to help raise awareness and money for the cause. Like photography, it’s one of my life’s passions. And I love Holi not only for the colors and dance but because it celebrates all the love, joy and hope in the world. It’s a time to be with and remember important relationships in your life. So even if you don’t have bags of abhir to throw around with friends and family today, you can still take the time to reflect and cherish all the good in your life. Happy Holi 2015!

Boys enjoying in Nepalganj

Boys celebrating Holi in Nepal

Rickshaw ride during Holi to Maiti Nepal

Rickshaw driver at Holi

Street Celebrations in Nepalganj

Celebrating the Holi Festival

Woman selling abhir

Woman selling abhir for Holi

Playing Holi at Maiti Nepal

Covering girl in abhir for HoliMaiti Nepal girls celebrating HoliDancing at Holi Festival of ColorsThe colors of HoliCelebrating Holi FestivalHoli at Maiti Nepal House

To learn more about Anuradha and Maiti Nepal check out this video here.

“If she were your daughter, how would you fight?” ~ Anuradha Koirala

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