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Newburyport Photographer ~ Maternity and Family Session at Lynch Park

I first met Sara many years ago when I did Head Shots for her law firm in Salem, MA. Fast forward to a decade plus later and she and her wife are expecting their second baby girl. Mom Ashton’s first babies – Lucy + Mia – of course also had to join us for the first part of their session at Lynch Park. Four and half year old Ari rallied and despite the 6:15PM start time close to her bed time, she rocked the entire shoot. Here are a few highlights including some of the Wall Art we designed that’s in the works for their new Maine home. Also *very* excited for their Signature Album bonded with a Vegan Leather which we added as an new option earlier this year too.

“I sustain myself with the love of family.” ~ Maya Angelou

Metal Print for the Bedroom and Two Maple Wood Prints for the Living Space:

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Timeline 8/15/23

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