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Newburyport Photographer ~ Victoria’s B+B Portraits

What a session we had last Friday at the KLP Newburyport Studio. Victoria and I had been in contact the week before my biking accident mid July and our initial consult was moved up a couple of weeks. Thankfully the timing worked out and, as we met and talked about what she was looking for in portraits, I immediately thought of one of my favorite actors/entertainers Lea DeLaria. If you’re not an Orange is the New Black fan then you are missing out because “Big Boo” is a main reason to tune in. Lea rocks. And so does Victoria who ten years ago left her position as a Professor of Women and Gender Studies to pursue her own dream of producing and directing documentary films. She currently has one in the works and you can follow her at Rebel Poet Films. Always a pleasure to work and create something amazing with another woman who is living passionately and doing what she loves.


“What do you mean you don’t believe in homosexuality? It’s not like the Easter Bunny, your belief isn’t necessary.”  ~ Lea Delaria

Woman with GlassesSmiling Portrait of WomanPortrait Woman with Tattoo SleevesPortrait Woman with Tattoo SleevesTriptych Portrait of WomanPorttrait of Woman with Bow TiePorttrait of Woman with Bow Tie


Portrait Woman with Tattoo SleevesPortrait Woman with Tattoo Sleeves

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Hair + Make up by GraceMarie Beauty

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Timeline 8/17/15

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