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Newburyport Senior Photographer ~ Paige’s Portraits in Charlestown

File this under: KLP’s Wet and Wild Senior Portrait Adventures in Charlestown. All our outdoor, on-location portrait session times are confirmed the day of the shoot. We do this because we plan for a bright sunny day but adjust accordingly when we see what Mother Nature actually delivers. The day of Paige’s shoot we bumped up to midday as is it was meant to be an overcast afternoon with rain in the AM and again late PM. So we went ahead as scheduled. When my assistant Veronica and I arrived in Charlestown we were met not with overcast skies but mad wind gusts and pouring rain. Paige arrived shortly after and the rain let up a bit so we all decided to go for it and started shooting in the Navy Yard and then headed over to Paul Revere Park and underneath the Zakim Bridge. The rain alternated from light to heavy but we pushed on. We headed back to shelter in a Charlestown cafe after almost an hour of braving the elements – cold and further soaked by cars passing us by in the crosswalk. Regrouping in warmth we ordered our lattes as Paige then changed into her adorable dress and heels. It began to pour again. I was strongly questioning carrying on and when I finally suggested we do the dress shoot separately on a nicer day, Mom was not ready to give up. Gear in plastic and umbrellas up, we ventured back out again into the wild wind and weather and continued on. This shoot was definitely one for the record books. And it would never have happened without this family. To say they were troopers would be an understatement. Most people would have understandably given up. Not this crew. And I am glad we persevered not only because we got some beautiful and stunning portraits, but also for the whole experience itself. Even better was this email I received back from Mom the day after the shoot:

“I look at life as never wanting to pass up a once in a life time opportunity.  When things go well and every thing goes smoothly you miss out on the chance to make an unforgettable memory or learn a lesson. We are the family that has a elephant* in the living room because we like to laugh at the “elephant in the room”.  So thank you for sticking with us to make it a memorable experience! And thank you for posting the umbrella pictures. They are as special as I thought they would be.”  *See photo she sent to me at the end of this blog of the kids with the actual elephant in the room. 🙂

Senior Portrait city sceneSenior Portrait city sceneRedhead portrait on stone wallSenior Portrait city sceneRedhead girl leaning on mural in citySenior Portrait in Charlestown with Converse buildingSenior Portrait with Zakim Bridge BostonBest friends hugging under Zakim Bridge BostonSenior Portrait Black and White in Boston CafeGirl in dress with umbrella in rainGirl with umbrella being blown in stormy weather BostonSenior Portrait city sceneSenior Portrait city scene BostonSenior Portrait city sceneSenior Portrait city sceneSenior Portrait city scene

Wall Art Sample Cluster

Wall Art Cluster from Senior Portraits over Piano

“The Elephant in the Room”

Three kids with fake elephant in a living room

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Timeline 11/11/16

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