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Newburyport Senior Photographer ~ Spring at Maudslay with Cricket and Josiah

One of the best things about being a Senior Portrait Photographer is seeing families again over the years as the younger kids grow up and become Seniors too. Two years ago we were out at Plum Island with Aurora and it was time now for a session her younger twin siblings in the upcoming Class of 2025. They decided to book in late Spring to capture the beauty of local and beloved Maudslay State Park. Since I am usually out there in Summer and Fall this was such a pleasant surprise as the park was in full bloom including a forest of huge rhododendron bushes along the back side of the equally gorgeous brick garden. Half way through the session, Dad and pup Luna joined us so we could capture them as a family too. Here are just a few highlights from their story including a peek at the stunning Maple Wood Print in the works for their home too.

One of the three Wall Art Portraits in the works is this gorgeous 16×24 Maple Wood Print

Room with Wood Family Portrait shown on wall

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Timeline 6/12/24

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