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Rescue Dog Sessions ~ Frazier Topaz from Great Dog Rescue New England

Sometimes a pup needs a little extra TLC to help get them noticed and to their perfect furever home. Frazier Topaz from Great Dog Rescue New England is our recent long term foster that we donated a special session to in the hopes that some beautiful portraits and a feature with his story will land him in front of the right adopter. He’s clearly a handsome boy so why has he been with his foster Moms Tori and Megan since last September? This sweet guy is *extremely* shy and needs time, structure and patience to help him navigate this big, crazy world. While it has been slow process, he continues to make strides every day. From his Moms:

“In the past month he’s coming up to us more and secretly sniffs us when we aren’t looking. Yesterday he jumped on the bed by himself which he has never done before!  He’s happily entertained with a bone or squeaky toy and loves to go on walks. He is super shy but once he gets to know you he begins to feel more comfortable.”

“Fray Fray” also loves other dogs including the two resident ones in his foster home. One of them, Beanie, also came along for his special “Adopt Me Shoot” because he looks to her for guidance and comfort (she’s his emotional support dog! 😉 ) Not only did he clearly love his first adventure at the beach, he was in his element running and exploring with her sporting a big smile as tails wagged. The photos of him hiding behind them to get away from my big scary camera? And those floppy ears? Such a love. <3

Frazier would do best in a home with another dog and humans who are both compassionate and patient. Read more about him HERE and be sure to share his story too. 

Many thanks to Mindy from P.A.W.S Project Foundation for connecting me with GDRNE and Megan for rallying for this very last minute session before I head overseas. 

“Your eyes speak shy and tender,
all they want is to be loved deeper.”
Avijeet Das


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Timeline 2/6/23

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