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Salem Stands With Black Lives Rally ~ Salem MA

Salem showed up today for the Black Lives Matter movement. The common was the perfect place to hold the rally as there was ample space for social distancing and, like Amesbury’s rally earlier this week that I attended and photographed, everyone diligently wore their protective masks. Thank you to the speakers for their moving and motivational words. It’s our collective job now to not only to continue to show up but to commit to doing the work to assure all of these national and international protests enact change. Here’s a few highlights including the eight minutes and 46 seconds of everyone taking a knee in silence – the same amount of time that Derek Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd when he murdered him in broad daylight. He and the officers at the scene have finally been arrested and charged. But so many have not including the officers in Lousiville, Kentucky who killed Breonna Taylor after storming into her apartment and shooting her eight times while she was sleeping in her bed. That was three months ago and no charges have been filed. Please take a minute to sign HERE to demand justice for Breonna and you can donate to her family HERE as well.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~ MLK Jr.


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Timeline 6/6/20

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