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Seattle Family Portrait Photographer ~ On Location at Gas Works Park

Mark Twain once said: “If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” I wonder what he would have had to say about Seattle’s finicky weather patterns that seem to change even more rapidly. The day’s forecast for this family shoot was rain. All day. All night. Thankfully we all know that in both parts of the country forecasts are often wrong and why we always ask clients to be as flexible as possible on the day of their shoot to work around any weather issues that may arise. This particular Sunday I was shooting an event 2-4PM in Shoreline and since the morning hours did deliver mostly rain, we kept that faith that it would subside for our early evening session. The original start time was booked for 5:30PM as we have to always plan for bright sun. Since bright sun was ruled out we opted for a bumped up 4:30PM start. Then a photographer’s nightmare happened: I accidentally locked my rental car keys in the truck while switching out batteries and memory cards for the next shoot. Long story short, AAA came swiftly to my rescue and this family thankfully rolled with it all and we ended up meeting at the original start time of 5:30PM. Thankfully, this all worked out for the best in the end after all. Not only did we have beautiful overcast skies for most of the shoot (which is ideal at Gas Works) but we also were blessed with the most spectacular sunset in the final moments. The last night shot of the night was one of the highlights of this year’s 8th Annual KLP on the Road in Seattle Sessions. See the 20 X 50 pano Metal of it below that we designed for the perfect spot in their home.

(Note: I’m back in PNW the end of November/beginning of December and am booking Head Shots at a studio downtown on Monday December 2nd AND may have room for one more family session too so give the studio a call if you’re interested in either. See more KLP Head Shot portfolio and information HERE.)

Love when clients have specific wall space in mind for us to design and hang new artwork. We knew that spectacular sunset shot had to be a Metal and it worked perfectly as a 20X50 panoramic under the light. The opposing wall at the top of the stairs was the ideal spot for this Canvas Cluster too. Love. Can’t wait to see it in person when I’m back for some more shoots at the end of November.

Panoramic Metal print of family at sunset on hillWall showing a 4 piece canvas cluster of family portraits with dog

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Timeline 10/3/19

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