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Stacey Abrams MLK Celebration at UNE Portland Maine

I attended and photographed “A Conversation with Stacey Abrams” today at UNE in Portland, Maine. A rising star in the Democratic Party, Abrams first spoke about her upbringing in Mississippi and later Georgia where her parents instilled in all six children the importance of Faith, Service + Education. She talked about her 2018 race for the Governorship in GA where her loss and the election’s “gross mismanagement” ultimately led her to found Fair Fight “to ensure every Georgian has a voice in [the] election system.” She outlined what voter suppression is and how we can/must combat it. The event reached its crescendo when she openly and honestly stated she would be honored to be considered and serve as the next Vice President of the United States. “Why be coy?” she asked with a smile as the applauding continued. MLK had a dream and mine is that Abrams ends up in the White House – whether VP now or President down the road  – as she is the embodiment of hope and what this country should be aspiring to be. To learn more about Abrams and get involved in the fight for our democracy, click HERE.


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