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Boston Dog Photographer ~ GusGus from Last Hope K9 Rescue

Some rescue pups just need to be the star of the show and have their very own photo shoot like this sweet lil one eyed wonder Gus Gus. Full name: Aloysius Snuffleupagus. He’s about 1.5 years old and was found as a stray in Arkansas which means most likely he was someone’s dog and they abandoned him. Because he was on the streets suffering from heartworm, his poor little immune system could only take so much and he also contracted severe mange, hookworm and was found with an extremely infected bad left eye. Heartbreaking indeed but this little velvet hippo is a warrior. He’s fully recovered from it all with the love and care of Rescue Road in AR and is now looking for his forever home here in Boston with Last Hope K9 Rescue.

A bit about this lovable pibble: He’s crate and potty trained with the rare accident as he learns his manners and gets adjusted to new spaces. He is still a bit shy and skittish (who wouldn’t be?!) but warmed up to SO quickly and by the end of our shoot was snuggled up on my couch snoring away. He’s great with all dogs (loves every single one!) and little kids. See the photo below with a sweet little boy whom he met on the jetty during the shoot. He’s briefly been around cats and sniffed curiously with his little tail wagging wanting to make a new friend. His ideal adopter is a patient human who will not only help continue to nourish his confidence which is growing leaps and bounds daily but also one prepared for endless snuggles at the end of the day too.

He’s photographed here with his foster Momma Lindsay who also happens to be one of my favorite dog rescue rock stars on the planet. LHK9 is featuring the “Why I Foster” campaign now on all their social media. Check it out their Instagram + Facebook to be inspired and see more of these incredible sentient beings helping make this world a better place.

Note too their big Annual Fundraiser “Sips + Seafood” is happening this Saturday 8/17! Tickets are no longer available but you CAN check out their amazing Auction Online including, of course, a chance to win a $400 Gift Certificate to a Portrait Session with KLP. Just had a peek and there seems to already be a bit of a bidding war going on for it. Yay!

To see more from GusGus’s shoot, click HERE.

Here’s a few of his before photos which are tough to see but show just how far he has come.

Before photos of rescue dog with infections

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Timeline 8/14/19

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