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Boston Travel Photographer ~ Portraits for Uganda

If you follow KLP you know that I spent three weeks earlier this year traveling in Uganda in East Africa marking my 49th country on the world list. I initially was interested in Uganda because it’s only one of three places you can trek into the jungles to observe the impressive and endangered Mountain Gorillas. I enlisted my long time college friend and fellow world traveler Y-vonne to join me and, while we usually go on these adventures winging it, we decided for this trip to book a tour. There was so much to see and lots of land to cover. Combined with the logistics and all the permits needed it just made sense. We could not have been happier with our decision. Not only was Gorilla Tours top notch but we are pretty sure we lucked out with the best driver and guide in the country – Moses, or Big Moses as he is affectionally called by all that know and love him.

While I got to experience and capture the Big Five and so many other wonders on our numerous safaris and jungle treks during our two week trip, I also photographed what I truly love: the Ugandan people. In all my years of traveling the world, I have tried my best to give back and, when possible, print images to give to those who graciously allow me to capture them through my lens. I was so thankful when I asked Moses if I printed portraits back home and shipped would he deliver them on his next tours out and he happily obliged. I posted them back in late Spring and the two weeks they quoted turned into seven but they did finally arrive and just recently Moses sent me photos (and the sweetest video which I can’t post here but will be over on the Kiki Larouge Photography Facebook page!) of everyone receiving their pictures.

Seeing the photos of them looking at their portraits made my heart full. I texted a few close friends these images and one responded back: “It’s so awesome. A piece of you will always be there.” I hadn’t thought of that when I sent them but it warmed my heart even more.

“In the world of photography, you get to share a captured moment with other people.”
~ James Wilson

Below are two (iPhone) photos of our beloved guide Moses. The first at 7AM sharp picking us up on Day One. Little did he know what he was in for with the two of us! 😉 The other photo is our last day getting dropped off. The best part of travel for me is all the wonderful friends you make along the way. Thank you again Moses for the trip of a lifetime and taking the time to deliver all the portraits. You are the best and I hope we met again someday. x

Ugandan tour guide in Safari vehicle

Ugandan tour guide with two American tourists

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