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Boston Dog Photographer ~ LHK9 Adoption Event in Marblehead

Welcome to the Last Hope K9 Rescue Home for the Holidays blog from KLP! It was a whirlwind but successful event this past Sunday in Marblehead with close to thirty pups looking for their forever families and half going home or getting deposits. An added event bonus: LHK9 was nominated as the winner of a recent JP Licks contest (thank you @fionafeatherbottom!) and their rep Adele brought 50 Cow Paws ice cream treats for the dogs to enjoy too. It’s all here in the highlights starting with the dogs I captured who did not get adopted and are still looking for their furever homes. You can click on the name of each dog to read more about them on the LHK9 Website.

First up is Aria who is also my Rescue Dog of the Month and will be featured in the Studio’s Newsletter going out later this week. She got two rounds of portraits with her foster Dad Sinan because A) she’s so damn cute and B) because we had to also capture her donning her hilarious “Santa’s Baby” tutu dress later in the day too. This girl knows how to work the camera.

The next super soft and sweet velvet hippo up is Bella Isaboo who was there with her foster Momma Raks.

The Conway litter was in the house and both Adelaide and Vollie received deposits. But poor, adorable Pete somehow was overlooked despite the cutest little crinkle face ever.

Shy Finn Nova was in attendance with his foster Dad Mike. Unlike Pete he was totally digging his JP Licks Cow Paw treat.

As you can see from this sweet face Nugget Bauer is a lover not a fighter BUT a very high energy one! He’d make the ideal addition to a family with a runner who could help keep him active daily and tire him out with lots of runs and play time.

Chill Jaxson is about three years old and loves both walks and cuddles on the couch. While he gets along with other dogs, he’s a big boy and does need an experienced handler for walks and would be best as the only dog in the house.


Biggie may have beat out Nugget B. for most high energy and he certainly doesn’t let the loss of his back right leg get him down! A rough start being hit by a car in the South and then abandoned, he’s ready for some serious TLC and would preferably like a steady stream of JP Licks Cow Paws coming his way at all times too.

Adorable Willy D is about 2 and a goofball who, with a little training, will be the perfect addition to a home with older kids.

Larklyn is in the medical foster-to-adopt program and is currently healing up well from her recent surgeries paid for by LHK9. Her potential adopter will help her finish up her PT (also funded by the rescue!) to get her back to 100%.

More highlights from the event including both Vivi and Biscuit who went home with their pre-approved adopted families on Sunday too.

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Timeline 12/14/21


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