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Seattle Photographer ~ Road Trip to the Olympic Peninsula WA

Every winter I put the studio on pause and go off on a new adventure. I was in Ecuador having just left the Galapagos in 2020 when Covid struck and the world spun into chaos. I was so lucky to get the last flight out on March 16th (thanks Delta and Ally!) and make it back home before worldwide lockdown.

Last winter I obviously stayed put as the pandemic surged and we awaited vaccines. Then, thankfully by the Fall, I was able to return to work again with my beloved Seattle clients. I also managed to coordinate my schedule so that I had a few days in between sessions to go explore somewhere new and decided to finally check out the Olympic Peninsula. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I checked in to my little cabin in Sequim Bay and made plans to hike and explore. It was like a little mini travel reset to tide me over to what I hoped would be a return to my passport and backpack in the New Year.

Sadly, as we suffer through another surge as the latest Omicron variant runs rampant, I have had to put my winter 2022 travel plans on hold to wait it out and see what happens. 

Here’s to staying safe (get boosted! wear an N95 grade mask in public!) and finally getting on the other side of this at some point. In the meantime I’m so fortunate to be able to safely hide away with my photos, Peloton and books and thought today was the perfect day (insert cliché Seattle weather joke here) to share some highlights from my quick but much needed little trek to this stunning part of the country.

Note: Don’t miss the salmon swimming upstream in the second waterfall photo which is also an apt metaphor what life feels like these past two years and the last two photos in this series were shot at the Innis Arden Reserve on Puget Sound. 😉

“Sometimes carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.” ~ Albert Camus

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Timeline 1/5/21

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