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Boston Dog Portrait Photographer ~ Apollo from Last Hope K9

Could not think of a better choice for the KLP Rescue Dog of the Month. It’s February and Apollo is our special needs rescue nugget who is currently looking for his Forever Valentine.


Apollo is an absolute charmer. Although he is paralyzed from mid-back down – an injury which multiple vets have concluded was due to trauma either intentional or unintentional – he does not let his disability get him down. He is a spunky little spitfire who loves to play with as many toys as possible while also happy to snuggle up on the couch with his humans too. He loves: almost every single dog he meets although he does prefer smaller dogs of any energy and larger dogs with a more mellow vibe; he is cat tested as he was fostered with one in the South before arriving in Boston; and, he is great with both people large and small.

Medical Needs:

Apollo is currently enrolled at at Boston based physical therapy program twice a week which is helping him tremendously with his mobility and building the muscle mass in his back legs. He will need to continue this Puppy PT for at least the next 6-8 months. He also doesn’t have full control over is bowels BUT, if fully expressed multiple times a day, he can be 100% diaper and belly band free.

His ideal adopter is someone who works part time or from home or is retired so he can get all his potty breaks in and who is willing to commit the time and means to his PT recovery.

Here’a few highlights from his special photo shoot at our Amesbury studio. To follow his adventures with his MA foster Mom, follow him at Apollo The Little But Mighty!

Think this one-of-a-kind guy is for you? Fill out an application for adoption HERE.

To see more portraits from Apollo’s photo shoot click HERE. Want to support his expensive recovery efforts? Order a print and 100% of the proceeds will be donated.* Or, donate directly to LHK9 Rescue HERE.

*Note prints ordered from this Online Gallery do NOT have the watermark on them.

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Timeline 2/11/20

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