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Boston Dog Rescue Photographer ~ Uganda USPCA Animal Shelter

First blog from my first stop during my recent travels to Uganda! Thanks to some generous souls (see list below), I was able to fill an additional suitcase full of donations for the USPCA to bring along with me. I headed up to the busy capital of Kampala to deliver the goods and spent the afternoon “volunteering.” Although I am not sure how helpful I actually was, I enjoyed getting to know the staff and meeting so many of the sweet animals blessed to be in their care. Here’s a few highlights from my time spent with them. Note: Most international flights allow a second checked bag at no additional charge so it’s easy to research a developing countries NGO’s to see what they need and bring along with you. My next goal is to collect donated new or lightly worn children’s shoes starting APRIL 20th 4-6PM at the “KLP Travel Series: Uganda” event at my downtown Amesbury Studio. Bonus points if you collect from friends and bring multiple pairs.

Thank you to Gayla at PetAG for donating and sending two 5 LB bags of puppy formula and two canisters of kitten formula. To Karen who donated $ to help me buy more formula. To Sweet Paws Rescue who donated loads of collars, leashes and harnesses (#rescueshelpingrescues <3)! And to Christina and Nikki who also donated the same and some treats too. As you can see, all were needed and will be put to good use. xx

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