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Boston Photographer ~ Provincetown Carnival Parade 2019

There’s no place like Ptown especially during Carnival Week. This year’s theme was The Enchanted Forest and, as Commercial Street filled with drag queens and dragons, the little seaside town transformed into a magical wooded wonderland for a few hours on a hot August summer day. As I walked the parade route photographing the colorful extravaganza, I felt the love pouring down the street as the revelers cheered and the beads flew off the floats into the smiling crowds. What a wonderful place to be: a judgement free world where everyone is celebrated for who they are. This is the essence of Provincetown where love is love and it has had a piece of my heart since I first visited in 2003. Here’s a few highlights from the afternoon. Disclaimer: PG13 😉

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Timeline 8/26/19

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