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Boston Senior Photographer ~ Rachel from Haverhill High at Sandy Point

During every initial consult I always advise clients to not only not look at the forecast until the day of their shoot but to also not be afraid of passing weather that may predicted too. Overcast days are a Portrait Photographer’s dream as Mother Nature’s diffuser means we can shoot anywhere at any time. And drizzle and even stormy weather can not only provide us with dramatic and unique backdrops, but also make for a fun and memorable experience too. Here’s a few highlights from Haverhill High’s Rachel’s photo shoot on Labor Day that started with a beautiful overcast afternoon at Sandy Point and then changed to some rain and wind fifty minutes or so in. We hunkered under umbrellas and the boardwalk portico and waited it out and snapped a few rainy portraits too. Loved that she was not afraid to get wet and have fun with the whole experience. As we dried in the car we saw clearing skies and then headed back to the the first lot on the refuge where the rain lifted and we were blessed with the dark storm as the backdrop on the boardwalk. Definitely one of my favorite sessions of the season. Shout out to Mom Lisa and Steph who both rocked it on the assists!

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Timeline 9/6/19

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