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Expecting Baby Collins ~ Maternity Portrait Photography

Seems like a lot of Bellies and Babies at KLP lately!  Not sure what was in the air 8-9 months ago but I had the pleasure of photographing another gorgeous Mom-to-Be this past week.  For her Maternity Portrait Session, Cory brought her cathedral length veil to the studio and I quickly fell in love with the idea of wrapping her up in it. We captured some stunning portraits of her in the studio and then decided to brave the Arctic freezing temperatures and head out to Plum Island. The latter proved to be a ridiculously frigid that day but we did manage to capture a beautiful portrait with her looking off to the setting sun. Since Mom and Dad decided to wait to find out if they are having a little baby girl or boy, stay tuned to see what the stork delivers. Looking forward to yet another newborn session in the New Year. Happy 2014 to All!

“Every child begins the world again” ~  Henry David Thoreau 

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