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Newburyport Family Portrait Photographer ~ Lacey at Plum Island

If you follow this blog, you know two of my favorite things in life are Summertime and Plum Island. If I could shoot every day at Sandy Point, I would. I’m out there all the time (back there again tomorrow night with the Hayden girls!) and it’s always new and exciting. And the highlights here from a recent session out there did not disappoint. Lacey and her family were truly a delight to work with. Mom booked the session mostly for her daughter but of course we had to capture some moments with them altogether too.  I am so fortunate and grateful to be the one to tell these beautiful stories. What could be more special than documenting and preserving these moments in time?

“Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?” ~ Anne Frank

Portrait of young girl in gardenGirl in white dress on beachGirl in white dress on beach holding shellMom and daughter on rocks at Plum IslandGirl in white dress on beachGirl in white dress on beachGirl in white dress on beachLittle girl kissing Mom on beachFamily Portrait at low tide beachGirl in white dress on beach at sunsetGirl walking with seaweed at sunsetGirl and Stepdad having sweet moment

I can’t wait to see this beautiful image as a canvas wrap up in their home. Possibly my favorite image from the session. Love.

Girl on beach wall art in home

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Timeline 7/23/16

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