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Newburyport Photographer ~ Kylie from Amesbury High School

The KLP Senior Portrait Season with the Class of 2021 has been (like the entire year of 2020 so far!) pretty unprecedented. Every single photo shoot has been a dream. This recent session with Kylie from Amesbury High was no exception. From our initial consults, clients know that we set an approximate start time based on a bright sunny day. If we are shooting at the beach, then this is about 1.5 hours before sunset. It’s all about chasing the light. But this is New England so we never know what the day will bring. Forecasts mean nothing. And wild summer weather can actually yield some of the best shooting conditions with overcast skies which is nature’s light diffuser and pending storms acting as nature’s wind machine. So what we do is advise clients to have as much flexibility on the day of their session as possible and we check in midday to confirm final start time when we have a better idea of the afternoon and evening weather and make a plan accordingly. This particular day a Tropical Storm was coming in later in the evening so we bumped the time to 3:30PM. At 2PM, I got the alert on my phone for Tornado Warning so I checked in again to see if everyone was still up for it. We decided to be adventurous and give it a go and ended up with gorgeous bright overcast light, crazy wind gusts and the entire Plum Island Beach to ourselves. Here’s a few highlights including some photos with her adorable two year old black lab Finn. A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to Kylie for being so incredibly kind and thoughtful bringing both me and my assistant Sarah Gift Cards to Cider Hill Farm at her Viewing + Design Session last week too. <3 #bestclientsever

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Timeline 8/22/20

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