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Beverly Family Portrait Photographer ~ Summer Evening at Lynch Park

I’ve shot many times at Lynch Park over the years and usually head for the picturesque Rose Garden and rocky beach on that side of the park. But as I waited for this family to arrive for their evening photo shoot a few weeks ago, I followed the beautiful light and noticed that right off the main lot was a patch of bushes and sea roses backlit by the setting sun. It was the perfect place to start. We then continued the shoot by heading over to the right side and ended up at secluded Woodbury Beach which had it all – sand, rocks, sea grass, stone wall with steps and, ideal this summer, no people. We had the lovely little nook to ourselves for nearly the entire shoot. I’d consulted with Mom in their home when she booked and knew that we had two main goals: 1) a portrait of the kids to hang above their fireplace in the bedroom and 2) three individual portraits of each of the kids for the upstairs hallway. As you can see, from the design layouts at the end of the blog, we nailed it (and so much more of course!) Shout out to Jack who at only 2.5 and with barely a nap that day was a real trooper. Here’s a few sneak peeks.

Three 16X24 Maple Wood Portraits on Sample Wall

20X30 Fine Art Canvas

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Timeline 9/9/20

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