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Newburyport Senior Photographer ~ Lily from Ipswich High at Sandy Point

Lily – a rising Senior at Ipswich High School – had been looking forward to her Senior Photo Shoot for a couple of years. I still have her first DM from Summer 2018 (see end of blog) saying that even though she was the Class of 2021, she’d love to have her photos taken by KLP when the time comes. Fast forward and here we are and she really could not have been a more perfect Senior girl to kick off the Class of 2021 Senior Season. From her on point outfits to her willingness to get completely drenched by a crashing wave only thirty minutes into her 1.5 hour shoot, she was an absolute delight to work with. She’s a talented gymnast and was flipping and jumping from one end of the peninsula to the other always with that big infectious smile – (we really had to work for those serious portraits.) Mum + Dad came along for her shoot too and we captured nice portraits for her with them as well. Here’s a few highlights including the stunning wall art of one of my favorite portraits of 2020 so far.

This 16X24 Metal Wall Art was a must. Love.

When you know two years in advance you want the#bestseniorpicsever!

Text between Senior and photographer about Senior photos

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Timeline 7/10/20

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