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Seattle Family Portraits ~ Fall 2013

I knew last year that I lucked out. I had gorgeous weather for most of my time out in Washington state and all of Kiki Larouge Photography’s Fall Family Portrait Sessions went perfectly. This year has been a slightly different story. With three sessions booked this past weekend and a crazy NW storm system looming, it was touch and go. But we weren’t going to let a little temperamental wacky Seattle weather get us down. This annual Family Portrait Session on Sunday started in the family’s backyard and we then went over to hang out and explore some of the beautiful Woodland Park Zoo. The latter gave us a little more rain than we would have liked but it was still a blast. We hung out with the jaguars, explored the tropical jungle and checked out the birds in a walk-through aviary.  These boys are amazing – so much fun to work with and personalities brimming out from all sides of their adorable bright orange vests. Really, who can help but love a pair of charming little Gingers?

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.”   ~  Marc Brown

SeattlePetPortraits 1

Two boys hugging

SeattlePetPortraits 6

Dad with his sons

SeattlePetPortraits 5

SeattlePetPortraits 7

SeattlePetPortraits 8


SeattlePetPortraits 9

SeattlePetPortraits 10

SeattlePetPortraits 11

SeattlePetPortraits 14


SeattlePetPortraits 21

SeattlePetPortraits 22

SeattlePetPortraits 19


SeattlePetPortraits 20

SeattlePetPortraits 23


SeattlePetPortraits 24

Boys at the zoo

SeattlePetPortraits 25

SeattlePetPortraits 26

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