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Travel Photographer ~ “Isla Animals” Dog Rescue on Isla Mujeres Mexico

One of my favorite things to do on my travels is to find and volunteer at the local dog rescue and I loved my recent visit to Isla Animals on Isla Mujeres in Mexico. The island off of Cancun was my first stop on this trip and, while it was nice to be in the tropics after the past two years of pandemic chaos, I found it a bit too touristy for me so this was by far one of my favorite days. I try to share these photos and stories as much as I can because so often I meet travelers who say they had never thought of visiting a shelter and would love to do so as well. There are usually many ways you can help from simply walking the dogs (good for both them and the staff!) to assisting with shelter maintenance and cleaning. If you plan in advance you can reach out and bring in needed supplies or, sometimes easier and if you are not able to travel to the location, donate to them via their websites online. In the case of these Mexican shelters, it’s super easy to do the latter via Amazon Mexico and PayPal.

Here are a few highlights and coming soon my visit to Salvando Amigos on Cozumel. I’m also talking with a lovely Mexican family I met in Merida about teaming up and helping shelters in Mexico City as well. Stay tuned.

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Timeline 4/12/22


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