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Boston Dog Photographer ~ Moose + Hippo from Sweet Paws Rescue

Had these two handsome gentlemen in the studio this past weekend for their Sweet Paws Rescue Photo Shoot – Moose (green collar) + Hippo (red collar). Aptly named they had me in stitches bulldozing around the studio for an hour while we captured their adoption portraits. They were found on the same day in different parts of Lawrence last fall and taken in by the local police. Thankfully SPR took them in and found them the most incredible foster Dad whom they clearly adore. His patience and commitment to them is both inspirational and heartwarming. Here’s a few highlights from their modeling debut at KLP. To find out more information about adopting these two sweethearts, see more information at the end of this blog. #pibblelove #dontbullymybreed

From Sweet Paws Rescue: 

  • BOTH are velcro dogs and love their foster. Moose prefers the dog bed and Hippo prefers to spoon his human in the overnight. They are approx 2 to 3 years old. Both now neutered and up to date on their vaccinations. They do have some areas of skin that need some TLC – a remaining indicator that they didn’t receive the love and care they needed. The areas of hair are worn on their back legs – maybe from not having anything soft to cozy up on or living in a kennel.
  • No small children simply because they love people and kids and want to HUG! And they’re big. No children under 4 feet tall. And please be bully breed savvy.
  • No cats simply because they’re not cat tested and it doesn’t make sense to put yours at risk, with any dog that isn’t, regardless of breed.
  • These two love each other but we initially sent Moose ahead to foster and neither experienced any anxiety being separated. In fact, Hippo quickly forgot about Moose after meeting another female dog and we think he fell in love a little bit. These guys (to the right home) can go together. Or adopted separately – Hippo in particular may need another resident dog.
  • They are both full of LOVE, crave human contact, well-behaved, and do need some basic training. They were already learning to sit with us when we could get them out of our lap long enough to do so.

Interested in these either (or both of!) two velvet hippos? Go submit an application at info@sweetpawsrescue.org

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Timeline 1/7/19

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