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Dudeoir ~ Boston Contemporary Portraits of Men

Every time I shoot or talk about my “Beauty + Bubbles” Contemporary Portraits with Women, I inevitably get asked, “Well what about the men?” My reasons for wanting to shoot Beauty Portraits of Women are many. But number one is that I have watched women throughout my entire life be hard on themselves – myself not excluded. It seems the female race has mastered this part time sport.  I love the whole process in working with women – from the initial conversation filled with excitement and preplanning right through to the Viewing Session where women see themselves like they never have before. But I love men too of course. And why shouldn’t they too want some hot photographs of themselves? For everyone, this lifetime is ephemeral and its moments finite, why not celebrate who you are – man or woman – and exist in beautiful photographs for yourself and your loved ones? So bring it on, boys. I’ve got the bubbles chilling.

Headshot of Male ModelMale Model in JeansMale Model PortraitMale Model LaughingNepali Male PortraitMale Model PortraitPortrait of Male Model

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